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I'm New Here

You will often hear us say, Faith Harvest Church is an Unforgettable Experience?. We design our  services to impact the lives of all in attendance. The church isn't a building -- it's people. People like you and quite honestly, people that are nothing like you. We think that you'll find the people at FHC a friendly family of diverse believers in Jesus Christ. We're here for you and we're here for each other.  Whether you want to sit back for a couple weeks and observe or connect to our church family the first day you're here, you'll be greeted by a warm and welcoming environment, experience great music and teaching that will lead you to change.

Our goal isn't to be the biggest, but to be the best at what God has called us to be. Our worship services are aimed at glorifying God and growing the individual. Our worship services have elements that are both contemporary and traditional. We sing praise choruses and hymns in worship. We give; we hear biblical teaching; and receive from God.

We have a place for you. We have a place for families and for all ages. We always desire to make new friends and meet new people.  We also invite you to join us online via Facebook at Faith Harvest Church - Shelby or on Bishop Randy Borders' Youtube page!

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